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Alinvest SpA., In partnership with Liuni SpA., A subsidiary of the group, launched an  architecture competition called "Design Stephenson"  publishing the announcement in mid-2016.

The jury was presided over by Architects  Freyrie, Guya Bertelli and Cucinella.

The competition asked participants to design a prestigious high-tech office building on the  property owned by Alinvest SpA at Via Stephenson 86,  including 4.000 sqm to be allocated as offices and 500 sqm to be allocated as warehouse.

The presentation of the project to candidates indicated the following aims:  

  design of a recognizable, innovative building with a spacious atrium for use as a  public space and meeting place;

based on urban planning and RE regulations of Milan, hypothesize the possibility of  the building having an open

   and usable public space on ground level;

apply principles of environmental, energetic and economic sustainability:  construction speed, recyclable components

   and basic materials, high energy  performance, use of renewable sources, ease of maintenance;


  p rovide accessible green spaces that enhance the livability of the place;


  e nsure the permeability and flexibility of the spaces, and the accessibility of all  environments;


  p romote environmental sustainability by providing solutions that guarantee energy  saving, the use of plants and vegetation,   and the reduction of indoor and noise  pollution by using, for the interior, materials produced and sold by Liuni SpA

Based on the above-mentioned information nearly 48 architectural firms took part in the  competition that aimed to choose a winning project and nominate two honorable mentions.  The awards ceremony took place in a pleasant festive atmosphere on December 12, 2016  at Barcelo Hotel.  The event was also an opportunity to invite architects to visit the new hotel showroom of  Liuni SpA in the afternoon.  Here are some photos of the presentation of the showroom and the awards ceremony.  Simplified illustrations of the projects are also included.

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