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Alinvest spa has announced, in collaboration with Liuni spa  company of the group, a competition of ideas called "Project Stephenson 86" whose announcement was published in mid-2016. The jury was chaired by Arch. Freyrie, Arch. Guya Bertelli and by Arch. Cucinella.  

The competition asked competitors to imagine, in the area owned by Alinvest spa in via Stephenson 86, a prestigious and high-tech executive building, of 4,000.00 square meters to be used as offices and 500 to be used as a warehouse.

In the presentation of the project proposal to the candidates, the following purposes were indicated:  

creation of a recognizable and innovative architecture characterized by a large atrium

   that qualifies as a public and relational space

on the basis of urban planning regulations and the RE of Milan, hypothesize the possibility that the building will be left open

   a public space can be used at the level of the countryside

use of principles of environmental, energy and economic sustainability: speed of construction, recyclability of components

   and basic materials, high energy performance, use of renewable sources, ease of maintenance


presence of usable green spaces that enrich the habitability of the place


permeability and flexibility of spaces, usability of all environments


the project must promote environmental sustainability also through solutions that guarantee energy saving,

   the use of greenery, the abatement of indoor and acoustic pollution making use, for interiors,

   of the materials produced and marketed by the company Liuni spa.

On the basis of the aforementioned indications, 48 architectural firms wanted to participate in the competition which included a winner and two projects.  The award ceremony which took place on 12 December 2016 at the Barcelò hotel took place in a pleasant festive atmosphere.  The award ceremony was also an opportunity to invite the architects to visit the new Liuni spa hotel showroom in the afternoon.  Here are some photos of the presentation of the Show-room and of the Award Ceremony.  The simplified documents of the projects received are then reported.


At your discretion  of Alinvest Spa, for any  construction of a management complex for office use in Stephenson 86, the same area  can freely make use of any of the above projects, or move towards other design solutions.  Therefore the competition of ideas ends with the awarding by the jury of what was presented by the participants.

In this descriptive page, Alinvest Spa intends to submit the results of the competition to the attention of any tenants, by way of possible non-binding design solutions, albeit of the highest profile and therefore to be taken into utmost consideration.

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