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Via Galeno 36 | Milan


7,500 sqm


Alinvest Spa




Arch. Giancarlo Marzorati


Ing. Elio Sola


DEGW Arch. Corrado Reina

The Blue Building is on Via Galeno in Milan. Formerly a magazine deposit for the Marco Publishing House, it was later completely renovated to become the headquarters of General Electric, giving the city a new structure.  


The interesting design project by architect Giancarlo Marzorati revolutionized the structure: he gutted the building completely and only preserved the load-bearing walls. He then gave it a new shape, in contrast with the original parallelepiped shape, thanks to the use of steel structures and glass surfaces that ensured design versatility.  


The Blue Building consists of four floors (three above ground and one basement), each measuring about 1,700 square meters. The elements characterizing the new space are the courtyard garden, the vaulted skylight, the sloping columns at the corners of the building and the new skin.


Removing the roof and creating a glass skylight made it possible to illuminate the offices on the lower floors and allow the light to reach the courtyard garden.  


Inclined surfaces form Prussian blue glass columns on the four corners. As a result, the imposing, distinctive building stands out from nearby constructions.  


The project also modified the building envelope, creating a "double skin": using two sheets of low-emission glass spaced 20 cm apart created an insulated air chamber. This, along with curtains and the central air cooling and heating system, maintain the comfortable micro-climate inside the building. 

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